Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation

In the event of a work injury, you should immediately report the injury to your supervisor/employer. Your employer should then file an “Employer’s Report of Industrial Injury” (WC-1) to this Division within 7 working days.

Medical Benefits for injured employees include the following:

  • Medical benefits-all medical treatment which includes surgical and hospital services and supplies related to the injury.
  • The injured employee is entitled to choose the treating physician.

The most common, but not limited to those symptom are:

Pain  whiplash
back pain tingling and/or numbness
neck pain  Trouble sleeping
 Shoulsder Pain  insomnia
 Arm Pain  depressed
 radiating Pain  concussion
 chronic Pain  stress or Nervous
 acute  trouble focusing
 headaches  migraines
 knee Pain  muscle stiffness

Most injuries involving only medical benefits and temporary total disability benefits close upon final payment by the employer.

If an employer does not have a WC coverage for its employees, the injured employee may contact the Investigation Section in Honolulu or the closest neighbor-island Department of Labor and Industrial Relations District Office for assistance.

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