Long’s Cordy


Longs Cordy may improve respiratory power, stimulate the immune system, circulatory system and fortify the kidneys.

Suggested Use: 1 capsules daily, before meal.

This product is intended for long-term use.

Price for 7 Days supply. Adults take One caplets daily!



Commonly known in China as dong zhong chang cao (winter worm, summer grass) or “caterpillar fungus,” Cordyceps is found in the highland regions of Szechwan. However, the very best Cordyceps comes from Tibet at locations above 3,500 meters high. A blade-like growth develops after fungal infestation of dead caterpillar larva in summer. Cordyceps is collected the following June. Wild Cordyceps is very expensive, therefore Cordyceps is now cultivated. Tests show that the cultivated Cordyceps is 98% the same as the wild Cordyceps. The most common mycelium strain of (Cordyceps sinensis) in China is (Paceilomyces hepiali) Chen (Cs-4).


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