Aloha injury clinic team

Our team For Patient Centered Care and Touch of Happiness!

Aloha injury clinic TEAM, for lifelong dream to bring together a global initiative, combining the best of modern medicine and traditional arts with cultural sensitivity and a whole patient approach, inspired us to develop a unique concept in acupuncture energy therapy that We named Qi-therapy. This involved a precision diagnostic system, effective point selection and combination with energy techniques to define a more comprehensive approach of body, mind and spirit. This process has been very beneficial to all patients in dealing with pain management, obesity, stress reduction, Anxiety, trouble sleeping and women’s health issues, as well as prevention & total well being.

Accident Care center specialized in the treatment of injuries from auto-accidents, work related and personal injuries to provide you with fast pain relief and safe return to normal life and activity. All care is led by medical doctors, Dr C.K. Yeo and David Cai who has over 30 years experience with a team of dedicated, passionate with unsurpassed expertize of massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapist, pain specialists ,psychologists and psychiatrists.
Convenience : All in one place
You will be seen same day or next day.
Treatments, tests. medications, supplies like neck and back braces are all provided our center for unsurpassed convenience
You do not pay as all care is paid by insurance companies
Specializing Auto accident, Workmen’s Compensation and personal injury.

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