About Long’s Herbs

The Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia is among the world’s oldest, having demonstrated efficacy for the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Chinese herbal formulas when properly administered have proven to be quite safe during the hundreds of years of their documented use.

Dr. Long’s herbs are formulated by David Cai, a practitioner of Oriental Medicine with over 26 years’ experience pioneering both the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbology in his clinic in Washington, DC AND Beijing China. He has earned a stellar reputation combining classic Chinese formulas with the advances of modern research. There redesigned herbal formulas work to balance and rejuvenate systems overstressed by modern living. Dr. Long herbs has patented formulas for a healthy female cycle, a healthy menopause, a healthy bone structure, and a good nights sleep. Bring your body to balance with the use of Dr. Long’s herbs.

Quality Control

Long collaborates with the most respected research institutes in China including the China Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine while designing his herbal formulas. There relationship on Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the most current research on Chinese Herbs. The herbs are tested for purity and potency. Dr. Long’s herbs maintains the highest manufacturing standards and utilizes only the most skilled and experienced manufacturing processes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is a complex medical system that has been use for at leat twenty three centuries. TCM is the original holistic medicine. Chinese herbal formulas balance and fortify the constitution, increase energy and promote well being.

Chinese herbs are becoming increasingly familiar to Americans. What is less well know, is that historical research of those herbs has led to an advanced art of herbal combining. Compounded herbal formulas work together synergistically so the body is able to maintain good health.