Honolulu Acupuncture
Honolulu Acupuncture

Honolulu Acupuncture

What is acupuncture?

A method of restoring energy balance to Promote healing and functions through Inserting needles at Precise points on the Body. Heat is often Applied over acupuncture points(“moxibustion”) to strengthen

Do the needles hurt?

Most people feel only minimal discomfort;  Some feel no pain all. After the needles have been inserted, one may feel a sensation of heaviness or tingling.

Is their risk of infections?

Since needles are disposable, or are sterilized as surgical instruments are, there is no risk of infections.

Are their side effects?

Infrequently. At times, after acupuncture treatment An individual’s symptoms can intensify for a Short time. Most often, a period of relaxation is experienced.

How does it work?

Meridians, channels of energy, run like energy currents through the body. When blockage in one part of a channel occurs, it impedes the flow in others. Acupunctures scientific rationale Is that inserting needles at acupuncture points stimulates the nervous system releasing chemicals which either alleviate pain or affect the body’s internal regulating system.

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