Centergy therapy

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Problems we facing now:

We go see our doctor explain what we felt and we then are prescribed medications to patch up what we just described what we felt.  Masking the true deeper cause for all those symptoms in the first place.

It.s time to realign and Center our Energy!

What is Centergy therapy:

Centergy (Synergies) therapy is the method David Cai has created the unique energy treatment help unwanted symptoms such as stress, pain, Insomnia and anxiety.  It combine the best of modern medicine, traditional arts, cultural sensitivity and a whole patient approach in energy therapy that we named CenterGy(Synergies). It involves a precision diagnostic system, effective point selection and combination with energy techniques to define a more comprehensive approach to healing the body, mind and spirit. which helps the focus on the release of negative tangled energy allowing the body’s energy pathways to clear. This allows free flow of oxygen and damaged, tangled energy to heal.

What is clinical advantages of Cenntergy therapy:

The beauty of it all is that this method can be administered with or without needles which makes it perfect for patients who are afraid of acupuncture needles. This process has been very beneficial to all patients in dealing with pain after injuries, stress reduction, anxiety, dizziness,trouble sleeping, low energy  and women’s health issues, as well as prevention & general wellbeing.

What do I feel during centergy therapy?

Your energy will then begin gathering at the center of your being. You will feel revived and aligned.  Your energy will then feed off of all positive energy that is around you, aligning with the universe leaving you with a complete feeling of relief. Centering our body’s energy is not only for the balance of a well-lived life, but to align ourselves with all energy around us and the universe.  It’s part of what makes us Unique.

What Benefits from Centergy therapy:

The main goal is to help people rebuilt communication with your body. We here at Centergy will teach you methods to listen to your body and work with it instead of trying to control it.  Build the proper energy flow making the center the core of your body’s energy. Gather all that chaotic tossed around energy and bring it back to your body’s center utilizing a stance of “Centergy” maintaining a solid foundation while rooting yourself so your energy can freely move thru your body and find the center.

Here as your energy regroups and realigns you begin to feel
Your fatigue become self-awareness
Your insomnia becomes healthy rest
Your pain turns into vibrancy and stamina.


Who need Centergy therapy?

If you feel fatigue, insomnia, pain or stress, without your body properly centered energy is tossed around in every direction.  Without knowing depleted energy, negative energy and positive energy is scattered throughout your body with no harmonious free flow.  It’s just everywhere so you feel terrible mentally and physically.  if those world familiar to you, It,s time to realign and Center your Energy now.

So let’s get to it.  Time to realign and Center our Energy.