David Cai Injury specialist aloha injury clinic

David Cai C.M.D. Injury Specialist
David Cai C.M.D. Injury Specialist

Working in the aloha injury clinic as an acupuncture in Honolulu, David Cai, Injury specialist, he graduated from Beijing University Of Chinese Medicine with specialties in Chinese Medicine, Tuina(Massage) and Herbal medicine in 1991. He was a distinguished lecturer and practitioner at the University and its thatching hospital. For the past 25 years, he was established his own clinic and herbal company in China and also has multiple private practices in the District of Columbia area, Beijing China and as wells as in Honolulu Hawaii. He is a research consultant at the George Washington University Medical Center on a clinic trial of acupuncture sponsor by National Institutes of Health (NIH). And co-editor of “An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica” published by Oxford University Press. He is currently an adjunct associate professor at John A. Burns School of Medicine – University of Hawaii. With over 25 years experience, Dr. Cai has developed a unique style of treatment with precise diagnosis system, effective point selection and combination, and refined needing techniques.

He helped many patients with Pain Management, Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain; Stress & Trouble Sleeping; Energy Recover; Facial Rejuvenation; Weight Lose, Infertility and Female Problems.

David Cai Injury specialist aloha injury clinic.

David Cai Injury specialist aloha injury clinic is a Chinese Medical Doctor and graduated from the prestigious Beijing University of Chinese medicine.

He has worked on energy-based acupuncture with world renowned Professor Long, the former president of Beijing University of Chinese medicine for many years.

Dr. Cai and Professor Long believed that the meridian points in acupuncture are energy points and has developed special techniques to localized these points precisely. The treatment has to also come from the heart so that good energy will flow into the energy meridian points and providing the best treatment and results.

Since coming to US he has developed integrated E-acupuncture.

He has developed special technique for acupuncture with and without needles in Honolulu.

Dr. Cai has successfully treated many patients with pain after injuries, anxiety, stress, dizziness, low energy and trouble sleeping.

He was an associate professor of the Department of CAM at JBSOM, University of Hawaii. He has been giving many lectures and training classes at different institutes.