A miracle worker

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Dr. Cai is a miracle worker. I have struggled with chronic back pain for 6 years. I’ve done everything. I’ve seen a Chiropractor, gone to physical therapy, done monthly massages. Basically spent hundreds of dollars on treatments that hardly worked. I decided to give acupuncture a try. I was shocked! After my first treatment with Dr. Cai, I felt like a different person. Several treatments later, I know I won’t go anywhere else!

And it’s not JUST pain he treats. He also does acupuncture for anxiety, stress, allergies, ect. You name it, he can help! I did treatment for a severe allergic reaction I was having on my face and neck. Nothing was helping before, my doctor even prescribed me an EpiPen. After ONE treatment with Dr. Cai, my reaction went away entirely. I have not had one breakout since.

I always leave here feeling renewed and refreshed. And knowing that it is completely natural, and completely painless makes it even better!!

I cannot recommend Aloha Injury Clinic enough!

Acupuncture picture
Acupuncture picture